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Turkish revolutionary workers call to struggle for the defeat of imperialism and despotism and declare 2017 the “year of the October revolution”

Turkish workers united in The Revolutionary Workers’ Party organized their regular congress and renewed the goal to defeat imperialism and the despotism on the way of construction in Turkey. The congress started with a commemoration died comrades.

The congress emphasized with the resolutions passed during its congress that the future of humanity lies in the defeat of imperialism, in revolution and in socialism, not in the so-called democratic values of the imperialist world or in nationalist dead-ends or reformist utopias. Since the crisis of 2008 has begun racism and fascism on the rise in America, Europe and in other parts of the world as well as revolutionary struggles and peoples’ rebellions should be viewed as an output of that depression. This means that revolutionary dynamics dialectically lie in the opposite poles of the crisis, war and every shade of reactionary forces growing apace.

The congress made firm that the prologue of a possible world war could be a war in the Middle East and suggested fighting against imperialism and Sunni-Shia sectarianism instead of ineffective pacifist claims against such a war. The resolution also points to the mistake of equalizing the bourgeois regimes of Russia and China to the US and European imperialisms. An uncompromising struggle against the imperialist forces that are paying a great and continuous effort to surround and isolate Russia and China without assigning any progressive values to the capitalist national leaderships of those countries is necessary. The Congress also introduced a similar approach in Syria and emphasized the importance of fighting imperialism, Zionism and sectarianism without politically supporting the Assad regime.

Regarding Turkey the party underlined, it will continue pursuing its organizational priorities of setting up and consolidating branches with working class presence. Noting the manifold symptoms of the involvement in, or at least the benevolent silence of imperialist powers, to start with the United States, during the 15 July 2016 failed coup attempt, the congress resolved to make an anti-imperialist orientation a major plank of DIP policy in the coming period, not only because of international developments but also with respect to domestic developments as well.

The congress declared the year 2017 the ”Year of the October Revolution” in reference to the 100th anniversary of the great leap that commenced the age of proletarian revolutions. 2017 is also the 100th anniversary of the infamous Balfour Declaration that marks the further enslavement of the Palestinian people and DIP expressed its resolve for struggle until the Zionist entity of Israel is completely destroyed in favor of a single state for Arab and Jew.

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