Tabqa Dam in Syria seriously damaged after US bombing

Syria. On Monday ISIS has announced that Tabqa Dam in Raqqa’s western countryside is on the verge of collapse.

The dam has stopped activity because of damage to the main electrical feed, bringing all equipment and dam sections completely out of service. All the flood gates to the dam have been closed.

ISIS claimed this is because of heavy US-led airstrikes and artillery bombardment.

They then went onto claim that there has been a great increase in water levels confined by the dam.

ISIS is not able to send maintenance teams to the dam because of the intense US-led bombings in the area.

The breaking of the dam would be catastrophic to the surrounding region as well as a huge blow to Syria’s infrastructure.

However, an engineer at the dam has said there is no need to panic yet, but critical repairs are needed as soon as possible.

“If water flow from Turkey remains unchanged, we have about 30 days to time of collapse,” the engineer said.

Essentially, Turkey with its control of the water flow have the power on whether the dam can be salvageable or not.

Kurdish-led forces have put immense pressure on ISIS in this part of Syria and are expected to take the dam in the coming day.


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