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Russian language as a ground for persecution

Official Government of Ukraine declares that in this country no one is persecuted on the basis of language. However, it is not. At the end of 2016 a group of MPs initiated the draft law on compulsory imposition of the Ukrainian language and the actual ban for other languages used in Ukraine. In particular this applies to the Russian language, the most common in this country. Some members from the faction of the Ukrainian President were among supporters of the bill.

In response, a group of MPs led by Evgeniy Balitsky prepared a bill on the protection of the Russian language. As the deputy said, Ukraine should become a «comfort for all nationalities.» Also, the MP noted, after the registration of the bill political persecution began against his family and associates. «12 searches have been organized at my apartments after I have prepared the bill. They tell us almost openly – if you don’t shut up, we will continue to arrest. But none of us will be arrested because the truth and the people are on our side.»

At the same time, the family of Melitopol City Council deputy was attacked on the basis of russophobia. A member of the local council Galina Danilchenko initiated decision on the protection of the Russian language. After that her family was subjected to violence.

Concerned teachers of the Russian language held on March 3 All-Ukrainian Congress in Kiev and set up there a social movement «For the native language!». Members of the Congress supported the bill of Balitsky and established annual premium, which aims to encourage the best teachers of Russian language and literature. In order to collect funds for the premium, it was decided to create a website and conduct crowd funding through it.

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