Hearings in the EU parliament on massacres in Ukraine

On February 28 two EU MPs Tatyana Zhdanok and Yuri Mashtalka organized public hearing devoted to massacres in Ukraine. The first one has taken place in Kiev during February coup d’etate, the second one was organized in Odessa on May 2nd and know as Trade Union’s house tragedy. The total number of killed people amounts up to 150 persons.

The MPs asked themselves, where are the results of investigations? Kiev regime has created the appearance of investigation for three years but no visible results demonstrated.

The first speaker from Ukraine was journalist and political prisoner Ruslan Kotsaba. He presented his journalist investigation of so called sniper massacre in Kiev. Like many other observers Kotsaba concludes the sniper massacre was artificially provoked in order to destabilize situation in Ukrainian capital and help pro-US opposition to take power by force. Until present political elite who benefited from sniper massacre is on power any remarkable progress couldn’t be reached in the investigation.

On May 2 dozens of Odessa inhabitants opposing coup d’etate in Ukraine were burnt alive, poisoned, shoot and bitten to death by fascist gangs. As a head of OSCE special monitoring mission confirms the investigation of this crime has not overcome preliminary phase. Former Ukrainian MP Tsusko supposes Ukrainian authorities have a will to carry out the investigation, but they have no conditions: law enforcement system has been paralyzed after the coup. In the same time Yuri Mashtalka, the co-organizer of hearing, has completely different opinion. He said at the hearing that, obviously, somebody really does not want to tell the truth about the events on Maidan and in Odessa and about their profiteers, and even more to find the culprits and punish them. On the part of the European Union balanced attention was not given to these crimes. Tatyana Zhdanok stressed she personally made 17 attempts to include in the agenda of the European Parliament the discussion on the situation with investigations of those crimes, but all of them were fruitless.

The film by Kotsaba demonstrated at the hearing

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