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Facebook Users Make Their Own News Bubbles

Facebook users who are the most news-obsessed are also the most likely to interact with a small number of news sources, new research finds.

The study is a look at the architecture of social media polarization — essentially, how people are so effective at sorting themselves into opposing groups and filtering out alternative opinions. Though Facebook has algorithms that feed users content they’re likely to enjoy, previous research has found that people’s own choices on the social network are a stronger influence on the sorts of opinions those individuals see. (Politics conversations on Twitter aren’t much different.)

USA | United National Antiwar Coalition is concerned of situation in Odessa, Ukraine

The United National Antiwar Coalition is an alliance of various US non-government organizations opposing US military policy all over the world. Since the year of 2016 the UNAC pays its attention to situation in Odessa and launched Odessa Solidarity Campaign. Odessa is well known city located now in Ukraine. After the coup d’état in Ukraine it became the field of clashes between extreme right Ukrainian nationalists and pro-federalist forces who opposed the coup and proposed to turn Ukraine in federal state. The central government put down protests leaning on fascists and has conducted oppression measures in Odessa till now.

Tabqa Dam in Syria seriously damaged after US bombing

Syria. On Monday ISIS has announced that Tabqa Dam in Raqqa’s western countryside is on the verge of collapse.

The dam has stopped activity because of damage to the main electrical feed, bringing all equipment and dam sections completely out of service. All the flood gates to the dam have been closed.

Argentina | Argentina’s History and The Dirty War

The Beginning

One of the reasons it was easy for the junta, lead by Jorge Videla, to seize power was the highly unstable condition that Argentina was in, and had been in for decades. And the coup of 1976 was not the first threat to democracy; in September of 1955 all three branches of the military revolted and forced the president, Juan Perón, into exile. Eleven years later in 1966, military rule was imposed again by a new leader, Juan Carlos Ongania, only to have former president Perón return in 1973, and die in 1974. Perón was succeeded by his third wife, Isabel Martinez de Perón, who was quickly ousted by a new military dictatorship lead by Jorge Videla in 1976. (BBC timeline of Argentina)

Turkey | EU wants Turkey’s Erdogan to be the next ‘Yanukovych’

by Said Gafurov

When discussing the recent scandal in the relations between Turkey and the European Union, many pay attention to the electoral aspect of this conflict – the forthcoming elections in Germany and France and a referendum in Turkey. However, it remains unclear why Turkish President Erdogan has decided to go to the length of the conflict.