Daily Archives: March 16, 2017

India | Maruti factory violence verdict: Court convicts 13 for murder, 18 for rioting

by Abhishek Behl

Thirty one workers were convicted and 117 acquitted in a case of violence and rioting at Maruti Suzuki plant at Manesar, 20 kms from Gurgaon city.

Thirteen accused have been held guilty of murder whereas 18 are convicted of rioting and other crimes under various sections of the IPC. The quantum of punishment will be pronounced on March 17.

USA | Why Is Donald Trump Lunching With a Saudi War Criminal While Yemenis Are Starving?

by Medea Benjamin

While President Trump sat down for a sumptuous meal at the White House on Tuesday, March 14 with Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, millions of Yemenis are going hungry thanks to Trump’s lunch guest.

Prince Salman is only 31 years old, but as the king’s favorite son, he was put in charge of the nation’s two most critical sectors: the economy and the military. A brash defense minister, the young prince made the disastrous decision to interfere in an internal conflict in neighboring Yemen. Starting in March 2015, Prince Salman started a bombing campaign against the Yemeni Houthis, a group the Saudi rulers consider aligned with Iran. The bombing has gone on, relentlessly, for the past two years. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein said that possible war crimes had been documented with “alarming frequency” since the Saudis became engaged.

USA | US ‘Democracy Promotion Activities’ in Balkan States

US Senators send letter to US Secretary of State demanding investigation into US ‘democracy promotion activities’ in Balkan region.

Balkanist has obtained a letter sent from six US Senators to US Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson on March 14 demanding an immediate worldwide investigation into all US democracy promotion activities. Macedonia and Albania are discussed as two timely examples of countries supposedly harmed by the US’s policies and the allocation of foreign aid. The Senators are disturbed with the fact that main contributers in both countries were left forces.