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Ukraine | The lack of water in Donbas

The Kiev regime stopped supplying water to the territory of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic without warning. It happened on the night of March 11.
Lugansk regional media reported:
“At three o’clock after midnight without the provision of official documents, the delivery of water from the Western filtering station located on the territory of Ukraine and providing water supply to the cities of Pervomaisk, Stakhanov, Kirovsk, Bryanka, Alchevsk, Perevalsk, Krasnyi Luch, Antratsit is stopped.”
The water intake, through which these settlements are supplied, is controlled by Kiev. It is noted that in connection with this, the existing schedules of water supply to the cities will be changed.
Officially the service under Kiev’s control claims that an accident occurred at the water intake, but they do not provide any documents.
According to the authorities of the Lugansk Republic, water availability at the end of August 2016 was 72% of the demand. At the same time, the Republic independently provides itself with water by 84%, supplies from Ukraine have decreased to 15%. So, before May 12, 2014, 258 thousand cubic meters of water were supplied to cities and settlements located on the territory of the Lugansk People’s Republic, 132 thousand cubic meters were extracted in the territory of the Republic.
Until early December 2016, with the territory under the control of Kiev, the Republic on average received about 45-50 thousand cubic meters of water per day, from its own territory it produces 215 thousand cubic meters.

South Korean constitutional court upholds impeachment of President Park

South Korean constitutional court upholds impeachment of President Park.

The bill to impeach President Park was passed in the National Assembly on Dec 9 by an overwhelming majority.

A total of 20 hearings had been held since Feb 27. Tens of witnesses appeared in the courtroom for questioning.

Turkey | Turkey’s Boğaziçi University dismisses its first academic, bringing total to 7,317

Noémi Levy-Aksu, an assistant professor of history at Turkey’s prestigious Boğaziçi University, has been dismissed from her position, the GazeteDuvar.com news website reported on Thursday.

This is the first time Boğaziçi University has dismissed one of its academics since a coup attempt on July 15, 2016.