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Ukrainian political police carried out new arrests

On February 23 arrests for political motives were resumed in Ukraine. On the day when opponents of Kiev regime celebrate anniversary of the Soviet army of creation, the Ukrainian intelligence agencies arrested three inhabitants of Odessa: Alexander Kushnaryov, Anatoly Slobodyanik and Andrey Zadorozhniy. A. Kushnaryov is a deputy of Limansky village council from the Oppositional block and the father of Gennady Kushnaryov who was killed on May 2, 2014, defending in the Trade Unions Building from attack of the Ukrainian fascists. A. Slobodyanik heads the union of veterans of law enforcement agencies of Odessa region. A. Zadorozhniy is a worker in typography.

Intelligence agencies charge Kushnaryov and Slobodyanik of preparation for kidnapping of Alexey Goncharenko – the Ukrainian MP who is especially hated in Odessa. On May 2, 2014 Goncharenko photographed himself against the background of Gennady Kushnaryov’s corpse. Intelligence agencies believe that thus Kushnaryov allegedly planned to revenge Goncharenko for the death of the son. However, videos promulgated by intelligence agencies raised doubts even at supporters of the Kiev regime. They look as a rough counterfeit. The public is also surprised that the court made the decision on arrest behind closed doors. There is a feeling that it is about rough provocation with participation of the unscrupulous deputy.

odesskiy_lyubitel_foto_s_trupami_rasskazal_gde_vzyal_million_dollarov_8824Goncharenko near G.Kushnaryov’s corpse

Besides, Kushnaryov, Slobodyanik and Zadorozhniy are officially accused of production of the anti-Ukrainian literature, kindling of ethnic hatred and preparation of aggressive war. Intelligence agency showed as the proof photos of the withdrawn literature. It was collections of materials about the inhabitants of Odessa who died on May 2, 2014 and a popular brochure with critics of Ukrainian nationalism.



Then, on February 24 State security declared exposure of group of malefactors who allegedly made and printed false release of the newspaper issued by one of parliamentary parties. Intelligence agencies claim that the group acted on the instructions of “the Russian curators” for the purpose of destabilization of a social and political situation in the Odessa region. The total weight of the newspapers arrested in Odessa made 2,5 tons. The name of the party and the newspaper the intelligence agency hasn’t specified.

Referring to their sources, the Odessa oppositional journalists report that after Alexander Kushnaryov’s arrest the new wave of political repressions in Odessa region can follow. According to information which is available for them, this time in a sight of the state security focus are representatives of the organizations of veterans of war in Afghanistan, including a number of deputies of local councils of various levels in Odessa region who are suspected of insufficient loyalty to ruling regime. Perhaps, intelligence agencies will carry out the next prosecution of the Kulikovo Field activists who have not been arrested yet. However, the sources who gave journalists this information, believe that this category of persons isn’t priority.

In his turn the Odessa emigrant L. Vershinin, referring to his informants, reports that the Kiev regime set the task for intelligence agencies to reveal “the all-Ukrainian network of the separatist underground created by curators from Russia”. It is offered to pay special attention to Kharkov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk and Nikolayev. It was recommended to reveal regime’s enemies among participants of mass protests against a coup of 2014 and their relatives, and also among relatives of political refugees. The campaign is initiated by an environment of the president of Ukraine, the Prosecutor General’s Office and security service of Ukraine shall perform it. Arrested are offered to be exposed in “preparation of attempts, explosions and other types of terrorism, and also espionage”, and “obtaining confession is basic”. This installation secretly assumes application of tortures during inquiry.

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