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Nationalist Battalions Capture Donetsk Filtration Station

The deputy commander of the operational command of the ministry of defence of Donetsk republic Eduard Basurin reports the Donetsk filtration station was occupied by fighters of nationalist battalions. According to him, after yesterday’s statement by the former commander of the “Azov” regiment Biletsky they completely left from under the control of the Ukrainian president and began a new round of combat operations in Donbas. This kind of statement is traditional for Donetsk leadership, in order to avoid final break up of Minsk agreement they separate fascist battalions from Ukrainian army command and present fascist activity like something independent from regular army. “It is possible to draw the conclusion that the Ukrainian authorities don’t control the situation now and aren’t capable of ensuring the safety of the citizens of Ukraine,” he added.

“From this area the opponent used mortars and large-caliber machine guns. At the same time, they fired them from the premises of the station not only on our positions, but also on the residential districts of Yasinovataya and Spartak. Knowing that our divisions adhere to the Minsk Agreements and don’t open fire at critical infrastructure, the enemy feels that they have complete impunity,” Basurin described the night fighting.

The representative of ministry of defence also called on world leaders to condemn Petro Poroshenko’s regime and to remove nationalist battalions from the anti-terrorist operation zone, having fulfilled the written guarantees of March 15, 2016. He doesn’t see possibility for military solution of this local crisis. Meanwhile water supply of the Donetsk city is broken. Total population of the city is one million inhabitants.


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