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“101LIFE” project has been launched by anti-war activists

101 children have been killed during a civil war in Ukraine. This number of innocent victims has inspired anti-war activists to give a name for new international campaign. These people, who describe themselves as “ordinary and common people”, call for the termination of the civil war in Ukraine.

They notice that since early 2014 Ukrainian warlords have been purposefully exterminating the inhabitants of Donbass, and contributing to the outspoken support to neo-Nazis and mercenaries. This war has already been lasting for 3 years, and it seems none of the political forces can end it. Unable to an end to the war the activists intend to tell the truth about this tragedy and plan to send petition to UN Human Rights Council. The petition urges the United Nations to pay attention to the flagrant violations of human rights in Ukraine.

You can join and sign the petition here.

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