Daily Archives: February 5, 2017

Spain | Spanish football fans intervene to the career of neo-nazi player

Ukrainian player Roman Zozulya was transfered from Sevilla team Real Betis to second division Rayo Vallecano from the Madrid working class town of Vallecas. Vallecas fans are proudly anti-fascist and immediately rejected Zozulya because of his neo-nazi links. Zozulya denied them, but there is plenty of evidence, like his own tweet in which he poses proudly with a picture of nazi collaborationist Stepan Bandera. Zozulya has now been removed from Rayo Vallecano.

Ukraine | OSCE Special Monitoring Mission discovered results of recent shelling in Donbas

After recent deterioration of military situation in Donbas region OSCE special monitoring mission described the most catastrophic shellings from both pro-government and rebels troops. It published facts important for real picture of fighting. It is well known that Kiev denies heavy shellings of non-controlled cities, in the same time it regulary claims guilt for rebels shellings of cities under government’s controll.

UK | Oliver Stone: Reports Russia to blame for Ukraine violence are fake news

Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone has branded reports that Russia is responsible for the escalating violence in Ukraine as “fake news”.

The American film-maker said claims Russia was “aggravating the situation” in the warzone were untrue and insisted the United States had a “huge responsibility” for the continuing conflict.

 Stone, who interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin for his new documentary, Ukraine On Fire, also backed President Donald Trump’s bid to improve US-Russian relations.

Speaking at a screening of the film in Los Angeles, Stone claimed America had used the Ukrainian conflict to “blackball” Russia and “keep the concept of Nato alive”.