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USA | The blood of Donbass is now on Trump’s hands

January 31, 2017

Donetsk and Lugansk are again under fierce attack from the U.S.-funded and -armed Ukrainian junta. Civilians and troops are being killed again in greater numbers near the front line as the Ukrainian fascists and military try to advance.

The European Union against Europe: Disobeying and Walking

by Daniel Albarracín

The purpose of this presentation is to contribute with some elements of the debate, focusing on the strategies that the progressive political forces in Europe has been developing. Debating with them we will try to build a useful proposal to open a path to break with the straitjacket of the Euro System and the Europe of Capital.

Greece | SYRIZA MP Comment on Grexit Generates Reaction From Opposition

A comment about Greece returning to the drachma made by SYRIZA MP Nikos Xydakis generated reactions from opposition parties, even though he played down his statement later on Tuesday.