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USA is once again on the way to enter Norway

American troops are coming to Norway again. This time to be stationed on Værnes in Trøndelag.

USA – the world’s biggest imperialist force – is practicing politics that partly is based on having a large number of military bases across the globe. They have over 500 such bases today. And the USA is rearming. Military materials are produced by various private feats. Later on the materials and related personnel are sent out across the world – in these days commonly up towards the Russian border. Military rearment is a comprehensive multimillion-dollar business and costs a lot of money. This process makes it possible for the capitalists to generate profit from the military industry. In the imperialist world, where overproduction constantly prevents profits in the more “peaceful” industries, the more “brutal” military industry can make profits, especially when the world has conflicts approaching or open wars.

US Marines will soon send over 300 soldiers to Stjørdal. In opposition of the movie “300”, this group of soldiers are not of the defensive kind. They are part of a large organisation that has attacked many countries in the world: NATO. And this little troop of 300 will not be greeted by a great Persian army.

On this ground Norwegian peace activists call to meet US troops’ arrival with public protests.


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