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Unknown criminals destroyed monument to victims of fascist terror

On January 8 unknown criminals have blown up a memorial at the place of summary execution of Poles killed by the Galichina SS division fighters and employees of the Ukrainian police during World War II. This crime has been committed in the village of Guta Penyatska (The Lviv region).

The memorable cross which is the center of composition of a memorial is completely destroyed, and the columns surrounding it with names of the victims of massacre are painted in colors of the Ukrainian and Banderist flags, and under a Banderist flag vandals have represented runes of SS.

The tragedy in Guta Penyatska has happened on February 28, 1944. During punitive operation the village supporting the Soviet and Polish guerrillas has been completely destroyed, 500 of its inhabitants have been alive burned in a local church.


In memory of the tragedy the monument was built at the time of the USSR in the village. It had been once destroyed by unknown in the early nineties. In the 2005th year the memorial was restored, and now it has been destroyed again.

It looks like Bandera followers try to clean up historical memory. Do they believe new crime helps to annihilate previous?

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