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Political repressions in Ukraine continue

Right after the New Year’s holiday intelligence agency of Ukraine began a campaign against activists of the forbidden Communist Party of Ukraine. This party was prohibited on the base of the anti-communistic law adopted in 2015. However many party members didn’t reconcile to a prohibition and continued the activities both in legal and in illegal forms. The Ukrainian intelligence agencies considered that both options constitute identical danger.

On January 12 intelligence agencies carried out a search at Sergey Nikitenko’s appartment who lives in the city of Dnepropetrovsk and is a member of the Young communist league. Nikitenko is an administrator of the Communists of Dnepropetrovsk region group on one of social networks. The secret police sees his guilty in it. Nikitenko threatens custodial sanction for a period of up to ten years.

At the same time in Donetsk region intelligence agencies began to fight against distribution of «The working newspaper». A founder of this newspaper is the CPU, however the newspaper didn’t get under operation of the anti-communistic law, and is still issued legally. At the beginning of January, 2017 operational employees of intelligence agencies began to withdraw the appeared issues of «The working newspaper» and to constitute lists of its readers in the region. Then intelligence agencies began to threaten with repressions to distributors and readers of the newspaper.

At the same time the regime ruling in Kiev continues to claim that it is guided by some European values.

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