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Pakistan: trade unions against neoliberals and jihadists

All Pakistan Trade Union Federation hold a National Conference against “War, exploitation and precarious labour”, on January 12, 2017.

APTUF representative from all over Pakistan attend the conference.

Anwer Gujjar (President APTUF) chaired the conference. Large number of women workers and male workers come to the hall and raised slogans: «Long live APTUF», «Workers struggle against war», «Workers want peace & dignity», «No to IMF/World Bank», «Social security for all», «Long live working class».

LAAL band (Taimure Rehman) performed very well, they sing working class songs written by Habib Jalib and Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Traditional folk singer sung a song about peace. During songs workers raised slogans.

Stage secretary, Mohammad Ilyas, started the conference. He said that the purpose of the conference is to mobilize working class against the growing extremism and war in Pakistan and also the very bad working condition of workers working as contract or sub contract, including women workers, domestic and workers working in brick kiln working as bonded labour. The objective for holding this conference was to formulate strategy and struggle unitedly with teachers, doctors, nurses, journalists and political workers to end war, exploitation and precarious labour.

While addressing to the gathering many Pakistan workers’ leaders said that they appreciate the efforts of APTUF holding this conference at a moment when extremism is on its peak. We all know that how the imperialism started war in Iraq and in Afghanistan and smashed the infrastructure of both countries. 100 thousands of innocent man, women and children lost their lives and both countries are totally smashed. The way which imperialism attacked on both countries, they are the snatchers, they want to control the mineral resources and capture Iraqi oil, but the role of Islamic country during that war was not positive, Saudi Arabia totally support US and its policies, and also Qatar and other Islamic countries did not raised their voice against this US imperialism anti human attack. It is very unfortunate that till now both countries are paying the price of war which was not their war, it was imposed by imperialist states and their allies, it was imposed by the snatchers, it was imposed by the butchers, till now the people of both countries feeling the pain, till now the situation is not good, till now the fight between the extremists and people are going on. The greedy imperialists started its interference in Pakistan through our dictators, fundamentalists and sectarian group they create a civil war situation. Imperialism is the creator of Taliban and started giving huge funds to their organizations mean Jihadist groups. These extremists started worst law and order situation in Pakistan through suicide bomb blast, and even now our children’s are not safe in schools.

Tragic suicide attacks are happening in Balochistan, in KPK and in Punjab too. In Sind target killing is still going on.

Speakers criticized the rulers policy not able to maintain peace in the country, also secure the life of the people of Pakistan. They are spending billions money on their security, buying latest armament, spending huge money on their entertainment, rather than to make a policy to stop war, building relations with Iran, Afghanistan, Russia and India. Today there is no table talks are going on with India.

Months earlier a Mumbai conference against war, exploitation and precarious labour took place in Mumbai, India, but because of war on Indo-Pakistani boarder and tension between both governments, Pakistani delegates were not able to get the visa. “Mumbai conference also took initiative that war must be end and tension between both government should end, terrorism is not an issue of our region its spread so we should a brothers and sisters from different part of the world struggle together to end imperialist power war games. We appreciate an initiative taken by our Indian comrades” – the speakers said.

Delegates also spoke about the worst working condition of contract labour, working in different industries in Pakistan. Speakers criticize government policies increasing bonded labour system in Pakistan. Rulers are only interested to provide any facility to working class, they are interested to loot the money. Not thinking about the benefits of workers.

Conference also condemned Labour department act against working class not inspect industries properly, and also make difficult to register trade unions.

Conference also condemned to terminate Pakistan Spring Sheikhupura 60 workers, terminate since 2 years.

Conference strongly condemn government act to Imposed 27-B in banks and restrict trade unions activities inside the banks.

Speakers strongly criticize government privatization policy of WAPDA, Banks and the railway.

Conference decide to organize a series of activities on the same theme together with journalist organizations, lawyers, teachers associations, trade unions put pressure on government to take immediate measure to maintain law and order situation, and make policy to bring peace in the country. Speakers emphasized that government should make plan to stop extremism and suicide blasts and secure the life of people. Government also should implement labour laws and ILO Convention 98, 97, ban contract & bonded labour system.

Committee was formed to organize series of united activities against war exploitation and precarious labour.

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