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Ordinary life in Ukraine: anti-Semitism and dissident prosecution

Some Western media have been blind till now on reality of Ukraine after right-wing coup in the year of 2013. But Kiev authorities insist to wake them up. It is real enigma, why their efforts are fruitless.

Here is a shot collection of their efforts for last few days only.

  1. E. Dolinsky, a head of Ukrainian Jewish Committee, protests after Ukrainian president Poroshenko awarded (by the top-honor award) a notorious Ukrainian anti-Semite writer Vasyl Kvasnovsky, an author of the anti-Semitic books “Moscow-Kikes’ syndrome”, “The plots of twins: Zionism and Communism”. The author (V.Kvasnovsky) now lives in Spain where he organized a cell of the Ukrainian far-right Svoboda party. Along with him the same award was given by Poroshenko to Swedish King Karl Gustav, George Soros, John McCain. No official answer has followed.
  2. A new proposed law would institute criminal prosecution and up to five year prison sentences for public denials of the OUN and UPA (Ukrainian fascist formations) fight for independence and for making or distributing information containing such denials, in particular, in mass media. This law is proposed by son of an UPA Supreme Commander. His previous proposed law concerning the OUN and UPA was adopted by the Ukrainian parliament as one of the decommunization laws. If adopted, the new law could be applied to OUN and UPA researchers in the West and in Ukraine for their academic publications and media interviews.
  3. On January 21 a dozen of elderly people commemorated the anniversary of Lenin’s death by public rally in a town of Melitopol. They marched with red flags and Lenin’s portraits. It was enough for breaking the anticommunist law, adopted in 2015. Nationalists informed local police and it immediately started criminal prosecution of brave Ukrainians.


  4. In Kharkov (Eastern Ukraine) a professor was dismissed from University for “anti-state views”. Vladislava Bronitska taught economy science in the National law university. She denied right-wing revolution and wrote poems expressing her negative view on current development of her country. It was enough to dismiss her from work place, but aggressive nationalists among local journalists write public in the media, asking why she has not been arrested till now.


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