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International communist unit leaves Donbas

After one year and half fighting on the side of peoples republics proclaimed in Donbas, Ukraine, a group of communist volunteers suspends its military activity. It was stated in recently issued press-release of the unit. The group known as InterUnit was formed in summer 2015. The group describes its principles and activity as follows:

“InterUnit is a political-military group founded by internationalists in 2015 to support the resistance in Donbas and the struggle of the most progressive of the local groups, the Prizrak.
We are following the best examples of antifascist and internationalist experiences of XX° Century: the Spanish Civil War, the European Resistances and the liberation movements of the last 70 years.
Since summer 2015 we are fighting in the north-west front line of Lugansk’s People Republic.”

Almost 30 fighters joined InterUnit, coming from Chile, Finland, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Poland, Spain and USA. But now Donbas circumstances have developed, and unit changed its mind.

“Donbas Resistance is doing everything possible to implement the «Minsk II Agreement». We are not attacking the Ukrainian Army anymore. There are still daily clashes and people still die, but day after day the warlike activities are less. We are having a situation of “no war and no peace” that might go on for several years.
Given the new political scenario we believe that soon the diplomacy will find an agreement for this situation, probably starting again from the document signed two years ago.
We don’t want to impede the peace process because Donbass People still trust on it, and that’s why we made our commitments.”

The group faced new processes in peoples republic military development: “It’s not the time for popular militia and partisan war anymore: now a regular army has to be built. This is something different from our project and it’s time to make a change also for InterUnit. We are a political-military group, a status that doesn’t match well with regular army.” “We think that our effort now could be more useful in some other way.” – the unit concludes.

Communist militants state their activity was not just military one, but had political impact. They “build a bridge between the Donbas resistance and western antifascist movements, a connection for information, solidarity and recruitment.”

The fighters think that their “effort now could be more useful in some other way.” They promised to come back to Donbas if it is necessary, but not limit themselves to this region. They are ready to go “in action quickly, here or somewhere else in the world.”
They finished their statement with words: “We’ll never stop our internationalist struggle.”

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