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French workers oppose both presidential election and EU

Organizing Committee for a Break with the European Union and the Fifth Republic was formed by several workers’ movements in France. The Committee states it has been already supported by 12,854 French workers. They grouped together around a call affirming that there is nothing to be expected from the coming elections, from the point of view of the workers’ interests, and that a break from the existing institutions is necessary. (This is independent of the position of each on the candidates who are standing).

This movement is calling for a national gathering in Paris on Saturday March 18 2017, for the anniversary of the uprising of the 1871 Paris Commune.

They explain their decision:


“In the spring of 1871, the Paris Commune did not hesitate to take the hardiest of social measures: the creation of public and secular education, the separation of Church and State, the banning of night work for workers in the baking sector, the freezing of rents, the requisition of vacancies for the housing of working families, the cancellation of the debt for the poorest, the requisition of closed factories so that everyone might have a job and the introduction of a minimum wage.

In order to do so, the communards did not hesitate to break with the old order by setting up a government composed of elected representatives who were mandated and revocable by the citizens. Internationalists, fighting for a “universal Republic”, they gave the highest of military responsibilities to the Polish generals Dombrowski and Wrobleski, and named the Hungarian Leo Frankel as Labour Minister.

Today, counter-reforms are destroying the Social Security system and threatening public education, strangling the hospitals and destroying the Labour Code. With the avalanche of lay-offs they are seriously threatening the conditions of existence for millions of men and women. To get rid of these counter-reforms will demand a government that will be able to take the hardiest measures in order to defend working people.

Beyond our different commitments in the coming elections, we all agree that changing a crownless monarch — the President of the Republic under the regime of the 5th Republic – will not bring about any solution.

There is no other way than the tireless struggle to break with the European Union and the French 5th Republic, for a Constituent Assembly, for a government that satisfies popular and workers’ demands.

This is the meaning of the gathering at the Communards’ Wall on Saturday March 18, 2017.”


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