Daily Archives: January 31, 2017

Campaigners demand Credit Suisse ‘comes clean’ as Mozambique defaults

The Mozambique government has said it will not make a $60 million interest payment due on 18 January

On 17 January, campaigners from the Jubilee Debt Campaign handed in a call from 900 people for Credit Suisse to “come clean” about its facilitation of secret loans to Mozambique. The campaign group is supporting calls by Mozambique civil society organisations for the Mozambique people not to have to repay the loans, and for the Mozambique government officials and lenders responsible to be held to account instead.

France | French workers oppose both presidential election and EU

Organizing Committee for a Break with the European Union and the Fifth Republic was formed by several workers’ movements in France. The Committee states it has been already supported by 12,854 French workers. They grouped together around a call affirming that there is nothing to be expected from the coming elections, from the point of view of the workers’ interests, and that a break from the existing institutions is necessary. (This is independent of the position of each on the candidates who are standing).

Police 3D-printed a dead man’s finger to unlock his iPhone

by Nathaniel Mott

Now might be the time to disable any biometric sensors on your smartphone, unless you want the police to 3D print a replica of your fingers and unlock it with ease.

Police recently approached Michigan State University professor Anil Jain and asked him to 3D-print a dead man’s fingers so they could unlock his smartphone using its biometric sensors. The man was a murder victim, and police investigators though his phone might contain information pertinent to the case.