Daily Archives: January 28, 2017

PACE adopts controversial resolution on Ukraine

The Parliamentary Assembly in Strasburg voted for resolution on the functioning of democratic institutions in Ukraine.

Resolution starts with traditional phrases welcoming so called “revolution of dignity”, accuses Russia of annexation of Crimea and makes this country responsible for implementation of Minsk protocols. PACE believes “the concerns of the Ukrainian authorities about Russia’s propaganda and information war are legitimate and understandable.” Assembly also welcomed democratic transformation in Ukraine, while it does not exist in reality.

Pakistan | Pakistan: trade unions against neoliberals and jihadists

All Pakistan Trade Union Federation hold a National Conference against “War, exploitation and precarious labour”, on January 12, 2017.

APTUF representative from all over Pakistan attend the conference.

Anwer Gujjar (President APTUF) chaired the conference. Large number of women workers and male workers come to the hall and raised slogans: «Long live APTUF», «Workers struggle against war», «Workers want peace & dignity», «No to IMF/World Bank», «Social security for all», «Long live working class».

Morocco continues the arbitrary expulsion of international observers from Western Sahara

Throughout 2016, Adala UK recorded 85 cases of arbitrary expulsion of international observers (including human rights defenders and journalists) from Western Sahara by Morocco. They were accused of ‘disturbing public order’ for their attempts to observe the situation regarding human rights.