Daily Archives: January 19, 2017

South Korea | CIA reports on Gwangju uprising declassified

By Kim Hyo-jin

A civic organization said Thursday that it is analyzing CIA documents declassified this week to find answers to remaining questions about the 1980 Gwangju civil uprising.

The May 18 Memorial Foundation, a Gwangju-based civic body that investigates the movement and manages commemoration projects, said it started searching for the CIA documents relevant to the Gwangju movement.

Norway | USA is once again on the way to enter Norway

American troops are coming to Norway again. This time to be stationed on Værnes in Trøndelag.

USA – the world’s biggest imperialist force – is practicing politics that partly is based on having a large number of military bases across the globe. They have over 500 such bases today. And the USA is rearming. Military materials are produced by various private feats. Later on the materials and related personnel are sent out across the world – in these days commonly up towards the Russian border. Military rearment is a comprehensive multimillion-dollar business and costs a lot of money. This process makes it possible for the capitalists to generate profit from the military industry. In the imperialist world, where overproduction constantly prevents profits in the more “peaceful” industries, the more “brutal” military industry can make profits, especially when the world has conflicts approaching or open wars.

UK | BREAKING: First RT is blocked by Facebook, now other sites are blocking it too

by Kerry-Anne Mendosa

Facebook has blocked news channel RT from posting video or news content on its page. The ban will remain in place until after the inauguration of Donald Trump as US President. Soon after, RT reported that it has also been denied access to Dataminr, the Twitter-based news-breaking service that supports news agencies around the world.

Turkey | Tombs found in Stratonicea date back to Byzantine era

An ancient city with a long history dating back 3,500 years, the ancient city of Stratonicea in Muğla province has been excavated for some time where 65 tombs have been revealed recently, shedding light on the population of the city back in Roman times.

Archaeologists have discovered a total of 65 tombs belonging to the Byzantine Era in the ancient city of Stratonicea (Caria) during excavations last year.