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Ukrainian president explained the reasons for civil war

During his official visit to Poland on December 2 Ukrainian president Poroshenko decided to explain what is the reason for civil war in his country. In his opinion it is led to kill Soviet Union. Poroshenko stated:
“The Soviet Union exists not in a document, it exists in minds. And in this sense the Soviet Union is still not buried, I’m sorry for my frankness, but Ukraine is now fighting to bury the Soviet Union in the minds of some people, because another reason for the war just does not exist”.

He described Soviet past as colonial period, while Ukraine was richer then now: GDP of Ukraine has never overcome the level of Soviet time. Poroshenko also believes that Donbas fights for restoration of the USSR, while it never proclaimed this goal. The politician for many times stated his government fights against Russian World, but now he uncovered the different reason for the civil war.

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