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Pakistani trade unions oppose sectarian violence

All Pakistan Trade Union Federation is holding a National Conference “Against war, exploitation & precarious labor”.

Organizers say in their appeal: ‘We are holding this conference in very critical situation because of terrorism. Terrorism is not only an issue in Pakistan it is spreading widely in all over the world. In three months 4 suicide attacks took place in Balochistan, and in Peshawar, these attacks are increasing in which thousands of thousands, people, women and children lost their lives. Our children in school and colleges are not safe, even the lives of activists are also not save, because we are struggling for the peace and against extremism.’

The root of this drastic situation Pakistani trade unions connect to imperialist policy: ‘Imperialism does not want peace in Pakistan, Afghanistan and all over the world, war suits to them, they want our weak government, they want to intervene in our political matters, they want our ruler according to their own interest. That’s why they are using our rulers to make antiworkers and [anti]people policies which suits them, not Pakistani people.’

International appeal mentions that security of life in Pakistan has class differences. While country rulers recruit security guards, police security forces full of armed and spending millions of money, but ordinary people are not protected against the sectarian riots, which spread all over Pakistan.

In sectarian violence sunni putting blame on shittee and shitte on sunnies. Their conflict results in split of working masses who unable to organize joint resistance to neoliberal policy led by IMF/World Bank and its results like load shedding, implementation of labour laws etc.

Pakistani trade unions are also concerned with precarious labour in growth.

‘Only 3 % workers are unionized, rest of the working class is working in very harsh working condition, getting less salary, more working hours, no leaves, no EOBI and no social security, they have no right to unionized. Contracting and subcontracting system is increasing, the workers are working in very bad condition, their jobs are not secure, and working like bonded labour, their basic rights are violated, 62% women are working as home based worker and domestic workers, no labour laws are applicable.’

As for foreign policy Pakistani trade unions are afraid of nuclear war between Pakistan and India and struggling for peace in region.

All these questions they intend to discuss in Lahore on January 12. For this purpose they invite trade-unionists, politicians, youth, lawyers, women, teachers and journalists to openly discuss about their views to how to put pressure on government to take measure to stop war, end precarious labour and exploitation.


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