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Kiev regime has limited supply of water to Donbas

According to messages from Lugansk, since December 1 supply of drinking water to the city is limited. The city is supplied with water from the river Seversky Donets. During the civil war on Donbas Kiev took under control the territory to the North from the river, however couldn’t take the territory located to the South where Lugansk People’s Republic was formed. The main water intakes appeared under control of Kiev, therefore the capital of the self-proclaimed republic depends on water supply.

Lugansk can’t pay for water supply because Kiev entered total financial block of the uncontrollable territories. As a result the debt for water constituting about 10 million dollars was formed. Late in October Kiev tried to recover this debt. Representatives of the leading European powers after the international consultations recommended to the parties to find a common language within economic subgroup of contact group on implementation of the Minsk Agreement. The Minsk Agreement was signed in February, 2015, and assumed that at the end of the same year the civil war would be ended. However since then there is no progress in its implementation. The parties charge each other of failure to carry out of agreement, and Kiev openly declares that it doesn’t intend to fulfill the undertaken liabilities.

The question of water supply was comprehended by the same fate. Kiev was not satisfied with representatives of Donbas in economic subgroup therefore negotiations on water broke. Since December 1 Kiev promised to turn off water supply of Luhansk.

The representative of LPR at the Minsk talks declared today that from 11:00 o’clock local time Ukraine partially stopped water supply. The Petrovsky water intake stopped work. However on the second water intake water still arrives.

Meanwhile, media under Kiev’s control assure that supply of water continues in full, despite availability of a debt.

Updated: The same day fighting caused a power outage at the Donetsk water treatment plant on Tuesday morning disrupting water supply to several Donbass towns, state water company Voda Donbassa director Oleg Mokry said. The territory of Donetsk respublic was affected.

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