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Fighting along contact line renewed in Donbas

A heavy fighting erupted on Sunday in vicinity of Debaltsevo as units of the 54th brigade from Ukrainian armed forces attempted an offensive near the settlement of Kalinovka in the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR). As a result, ten Ukrainian servicemen were killed more than 20 were wounded, reported the LPR People’s Militia spokesman. According to the spokesman, the offensive was repelled. Two LPR servicemen were wounded and two more are missing.

«On December 18, at 1 p.m. the enemy attempted to break through LPR defense in Kalinovka village area from Luganskoye township direction. They intensified the shelling trying to provoke aggression. A reconnaissance group advanced supported by artillery fire. Thanks to coordinated actions of LPR militia and thanks to commanders’ competence LPR People’s Militia managed to stop the enemy advance and make them retreat,» the LPR militia press service said.

The offensive on Sunday was carried out with the support of mortars and artillery weapons, the defense authorities of the Lugansk People’s Republic said. More than 150 shells were fired at the defenders positions. But the number of attackers was only about 40 men.

Lugansk officials supposed Ukrainian officers to be drunk as a reason for breaking ceasefire: «According to intelligence reports, Ukrainian armed forces commanders were drunk.» But it seems ceasefire violation was not occasional. Kiev forces resumed their attempts to break through the LPR defense lines in Debaltsevo vicinities on Monday.

This day Lugansk People’s Militia Spokesperson Andrey Marochko said: «The enemy sustains losses, but still tries to break through in several areas along the contact line, in particular in Kalinovka area». The fighting has spread out all along the contact line in Debaltsevo area.

Overnight to December 19 the AFU shelled Logvinovo village with heavy artillery and mortars that had been taken from the storage sites, where the withdrawn heavy arms are to be kept in accordance with the Minsk Agreements.

«LPR militiamen thwart the enemy’s attempts to advance to inhabited areas.  Ukrainian armed forces use 152mm and 122mm artillery, mortars and heavy military hardware,» Andrey Marochko said.

From their hand Kiev’s officials deny this information. They insist Lugansk militia was the first who started fighting. It supposedly attacked government’s positions near Svetlodarsk, then government troops organized successful counteroffensive. Kiev spokesmen also deny information on loses. They calculated 5 servicemen killed and 6 wounded, their enemy lost 25 killed and 30 wondered. But it is typical for Kiev to counter any information from opposition camp.

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