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Fascists attacked Left rally in Odessa

On December 6 the Ukrainian fascists of Svoboda party attacked the rally of the Left Forces union and the Union of anarchists of Ukraine. The rally at Odessa railway station was against the rise of prices and tariffs. New tariff policy was started by Wojciech Balczun, Polish businesman and musician appointed as a director of Ukrainian state railway by special decision of president Poroshenko. Protestors called new chief of Ukrainian railways to resign.

When the rally was over fascists from Svoboda and Right sector arrived. They attacked left activists, police hadn’t intervened until Left started to resist. At this point police prevented clash but fascists successfully left place of fighting with banners of their opponents.

The recent attack of Ukrainian fascists on the Left/anarchist rally in Odessa reveals again how all protests against price rising are suppressed in Ukraine. The Right/fascist militants attack a protest rally — police never intervenes whatever happens, ignoring any fascist violence.
But just as soon as the Left begin to resist — police intervenes to arrest or disperse the Left. The scenario is the same all over Ukraine. The cops and fascist cooperation proved to be quite ‘useful’ for neoliberal reforms.

But Ukrainian fascists in Odessa have not stopped. They marched to the House of Trade Unions located not far from the railway station. This building is well known for fascist crime organized on May 2, 2014, when dozens antifascists were burnt alive. Since that time Odessa residents every day put flours to the building and organized self-made memorial for victims.  Fascists came there and smashed up the memorial. They scattered the lamps, flours and wreaths. After completing this work they proudly posed against the backdrop of the destroyed memorial with “trophies” in the form of flags from the Left rally.


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