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Desertion in the Ukrainian army

Military prosecutors of Ukraine report that citizens of this country continue to evade from conscription to the army under control of the Kiev regime. The unified statistics of desertion from the Armed Forces of Ukraine isn’t published therefore it is necessary to use data reported by military prosecutor’s offices of certain regions.

In particular, the military prosecutor’s office of the Western region published lists of 416 people who deserted from the Ukrainian army as of December 7, 2016. The prosecutor’s office has no data on these persons and therefore placed the announcement with a call for help.

The central region prosecutor’s office doesn’t publish lists, however reports that it searches for 468 people who left ranks of the Ukrainian army.

These cases are most often observed in a zone of responsibility of the Southern region prosecutor’s office. In nine months 2016 it began 783 investigations on the desertion facts. However the regional prosecutor’s office reports that in 2015 the situation was much worse. That year it initiated 6351 proceedings. Explaining improvement of indicators the prosecutor’s office delivered an objective factor on the first place – in 2015 intensive combat operations in Donbas were observed, while in 2016 military activity sharply decreased. It influenced number of desertions.

A week ago Kiev began to aggravate conflict in Donbas again directly on several sites of the delimitation line. If this tendency remains, the number of deserters will increase again next year.


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