Daily Archives: December 22, 2016

Pakistan | Pakistani trade unions oppose sectarian violence

All Pakistan Trade Union Federation is holding a National Conference “Against war, exploitation & precarious labor”.

Organizers say in their appeal: ‘We are holding this conference in very critical situation because of terrorism. Terrorism is not only an issue in Pakistan it is spreading widely in all over the world. In three months 4 suicide attacks took place in Balochistan, and in Peshawar, these attacks are increasing in which thousands of thousands, people, women and children lost their lives. Our children in school and colleges are not safe, even the lives of activists are also not save, because we are struggling for the peace and against extremism.’

Ukraine | The Ukrainian Far Right—and the Danger It Poses

By Lev Golinkin

It should be a priority for the incoming Donald Trump administration to reexamine America’s role in the Ukraine crisis. Over the past year, Washington has focused solely on Kiev’s failure to tackle Ukraine’s endemic corruption, while ignoring another fundamental obstacle to Ukraine’s democracy: the country’s far-right forces.

USA | America’s dirty little secret: 42 million people are suffering from hunger

by Susan Caminiti

While families across the country gather around the dinner table during this holiday season, there is a different, far less cheery scenario playing out for millions of other Americans. They’re the ones who go hungry, and for whom food — and enough of it — is a daily struggle. According to Feeding America, more than 42 million people now suffer from hunger throughout the nation.