Daily Archives: December 11, 2016

Ukraine | Fascists attacked Left rally in Odessa

On December 6 the Ukrainian fascists of Svoboda party attacked the rally of the Left Forces union and the Union of anarchists of Ukraine. The rally at Odessa railway station was against the rise of prices and tariffs. New tariff policy was started by Wojciech Balczun, Polish businesman and musician appointed as a director of Ukrainian state railway by special decision of president Poroshenko. Protestors called new chief of Ukrainian railways to resign.

Syrian war: government troops lose Palmyra, but win in Aleppo

IS ‘retakes Palmyra’ after Syria army withdrawal

The Islamic State group, which was forced out of Palmyra in March, was reportedly back in control of the Syrian desert city at the second attempt on Sunday, after an initial success was countered by Russian air strikes.

UK | Stop worrying about fake news. What comes next will be much worse

In the not too distant future, technology giants will decide what news sources we are allowed to consult, and alternative voices will be silenced