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Winter heating and hot time of workers protest in Ukraine

According to IMF demand Ukrainian government has enlarged has risen payment for gas and house heating since October. It was done in conditions of rapid impoverishment caused by war, neoliberal policy and artificial breaking of economy ties with Russia organized by Kiev regime.

That is why this November became a time for protest of working masses. They are not able to pay heating rent, and their survival is questioned now.

On 1 November 2016, teachers organised picketing of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the parliament protesting against the high tariffs for housing and utility services.

The picketing was initiated by the Kyiv City Organisation of Education and Science Workers. Territorial organisations of the trade union from all over Ukraine joint it. Generally about 15,000 people participated in the picketing.

Raising housing and utility tariffs became for teachers true ‘draconian tariffs’. They also demanded unfreezing the entire Unified Rate Schedule.

On November 6 Free Trade Union of Railway Workers of Ukraine called on solidarity campaign. Trade union is fighting for basic trade union rights against an anti-union employer. The management of the Kurenivsky trolleybus depot has refused to recognize the union, and instead is discriminating against workers there on the basis of their membership in the union, putting pressure on its members and forcing several dozen of them already to sign notices of resignation from the union. The head of the enterprise has launched a campaign of defamation and repression against the leaders and activists of the union.

On November 15 more than 6,000 took part in street protests against new payment for heating. Traffic has been restored on main streets of Ukrainian capital. People also protested against increase in rates, policy of National bank, and also required to take under control return of debts of insolvent banks.

On November 16 two columns of people came to the Main Post Office at the central square of Ukrainian capital. Another large column was spotted across the street. Two more large columns were seen on Instytutska Street close to the Khreschatyk subway station. Regime-controlled news agencies estimate the total number of people who have come to join mass rallies in Kyiv on Wednesday is about 2,000.

The same day railway workers organized a rally in Odessa. They protest against mass dismissals in the state railway company.

National Police officers and National Guardsmen undertook extraordinary measures against rallies in Kiev. National Guard is patrolling the entrance and exit passageways of the Kyiv subway, the crossroads and popular public places. A number of central streets of Kyiv were closed up for traffic in connection with the supposed terrorist threat, while part of the government quarter was fenced off. About 5000 policemen were concentrated in the places of mass rally. The government decided to up its security measures in the center of Kyiv until November 22.


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