Syrian Army and Kurds continue unexpectedly successful offensive in Aleppo

According to Al-Masdar News military correspondent, the Syrian Arab Army and allied forces have completely captured Jabal-Badro district (located directly south from recently liberated Hanano district), Ard Al-Hamra area and Al-Sakhour Bridge.

Units involved in this success were the Republican Guard forces, Desert Hawks Brigade and several units from Al Quds Brigade (Palestinian paramilitaries).

This major advance by the SAA and allies indicates collapse in the defenses of jihadist rebels from “Fateh Haleb” (coalition of jihadist groups in east Aleppo).

In line with the Syrian Army’s recent advances that place the government forces in position to split what remains of rebel-held east Aleppo in two, the insurgents have begun the process of mass retreating from the northern section of the blob to avoid being split.

Fateh Halab factions are currently abandoning their positions in Haydariyah and have reportedly abandoned Bustan Al-Basha according to rebel sources. Pro-government sources have just announced the capture of the adjacent Ba’ibdeen district.

To ensure their complete withdrawal, they would have to maintain control over large sections of the central Sakhour district or else they’ll be prone to splitting apart. As less than a kilometer separates the government troops at Sulayman Al-Halabi district from their counterparts in Hnano, retreating rebels are under the mercy of the Syrian Army’s relentless bombardment on the district as it lay under the fire control of the Syrian Armed Forces.

Following a string of advances that had the Syrian Armed Forces capture over half a dozen east Aleppo districts, the Syrian Army supported by the local YPG from Sheikh Maqsoud would proceed to seize control of the Hallak Al-Fukani, Hallak Al-Tahtani, and Bustan Al-Basha districts.

This Kurdish-SAA cooperation is not unique to those circumstances. Previously, Kurdish forces have fought along the Syrian Army in the battle for Bani Zaid and Shuqeif Industrial District. Notably, there also exists a baseline of coordination in the battles against the Islamic State terror group in Aleppo’s eastern countryside where both factions see a mutual danger in the Turkish encroachment on Al-Bab.


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