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Seventy years after Nazis: Ukrainian minister discovers wrong genes in political attitudes

Since Maidan coup d’état in Ukraine a popular meme has spreader. “Where have you seen fascists?” – asked supporters of reactionary uprising in Ukrainian capital. They denied that fascists became essential part of new established regime from very beginning. But numerous proves appear and there number increases.

On November 22 Ukrainian Minister of Culture stated in Ukrainian TV that the population of some Ukrainian regions has ‘wrong genetics’ and is ‘not genetically pure’ in order to explain why Ukrainian nationalism is not popular in some regions. So, he believes genes directly form political position. He mentioned Cherkasy, Zaporozhe and Donbas region. According to minister Evgeny Nishchuk, it was special plan of the Soviet leadership who was afraid of Ukrainian spirit and sent migrants outside of Ukraine to these places. So their population is brought and its genetics is wrong. But contrary to his initial statement Nishchuk proposed to change situation for better not by ethnic-cleanings, but with a help of state propaganda.

Ukrainian nationalists have been sure that Ukrainian national genes really exist since the Soviet Union collapsed, but for a long period they were ashamed of telling it publicly. But now any confusion is thrown away from bottom to top and minister of culture can proclaim it at talk-show.
“Still no one will see fascism when a minister considers the people of his country ‘Untermenschen’,” – one of Ukrainian opposition bloggers rhetorically writes.

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