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Saakashvili dismissed from Odessa region governor

Mikhael Saakashvili former Georgian president responsible for war in Caucasus region failed to build his political career in Ukraine. Today Ukrainian president Poroshenko dismissed him. Saakashivi was appointed to Odessa region governor one and a half year before. That unexpected decision shocked a lot of people both in Odessa and out of Ukraine.

Saakashvili was known as a devoted US agent in Georgia, but it was not enough for mass popularity. Georgians finally understood he leads the country in wrong direction. It became especially clear after military adventure in Ossetia. That bloody war finished with national catastrophe for Georgia – it definitely lost the chance to integrate its territory. Moreover, just Saakashvili regime fell numerous facts of police violence and corruption were discovered, including secret jails, political murdering and so on. Saakashvili is under criminal persecution in his country: if he returns, he would be arrested.

Despite all crimes Saakashvili has supporters in Georgia. They had ambitious plan to win parliamentary election this autumn. Former Georgian president proclaimed their victory inevitable and built up plans on how he returns home. He believed criminal investigation can be closed by the victory of his political force. This fact brightly demonstrates real Saakashvili’s attitude to the rule of law.

But pro-Saakashvili forces were defeated completely and were far to form even influent parliamentary fraction, not mention majority. After several weeks Saakashvili got a new blow. Today Ukrainian president dismissed him, from this moment he is no governor of Odessa region. In fact he has no chance to continue political career. Odessa residents discovered Saakashvili as demagogue and squabble man. Even his supporters from minority loyal to Kiev regime were disappointed. Of course, Saakashvili’s future is high questionable in the light of recent US elections. If Trump is serious in his plans, he will not “promote democracy” worldwide, like Bush and Obama. It means Saakashvili would not find a new personal role in the US political plans in Post-Soviet region. He failed twice and looks like lost foreign support. Now he can appeal only to Ukrainians who don’t now or don’t understand who he is in reality. But this is too narrow base for political start-up. Without foreign resources the third rise of Saakashvili’s career is impossible. It looks like his time is over.

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