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Political repression in Ukraine: Kharkov region

Repressions against opponents of the coup d’état, which was carried out in Kiev in 2014, continue in Kharkov. Kharkov is the second city for number in Ukraine. Ideas of neoliberalism and fascism didn’t find there support, therefore Kharkov citizens organized active resistance to the new regime. Kharkov is located near the Ukrainian-Russian border therefore many Kharkov citizens expected the Russian help and lifted the Russian flags. Now they are judged for separatism and terrorism.

The Kharkov regional prosecutor Yury Danilchenko on November 25, 2016 announced the Ukrainian intelligence agencies run 126 criminal cases against participants of the opposition movement. On 47 cases the court already pronounced convictions. 64 persons are found guilty.

The prosecutor didn’t named total number of defendants, however it is possible to claim that their account goes on hundreds. Only on a revolt on April 5, 2014 intelligence agencies run 10 criminal investigations with total number of defendants 63 persons. On April 5, 2014 Kharkov citizens occupied the building of regional public administration and proclaimed the Kharkov People’s Republic there.

Despite political repressions most of Kharkov citizens doesn’t support the Kiev regime till now. The prosecutor feels it therefore he very peculiar explains a victory of the Kiev power in the city.

The prosecutor stated: “Self-determination of Kharkov as Ukrainian city, prevented implementation of the separatist project. I am sure that the important role in it was played by prosecutor’s office, Security service and police”. Remarkable self-determination through intelligence agencies and police!


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