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One million subscribers deprived of mobile communication due to Ukrainian intelligence service

In the morning on November 11 the Ukrainian intelligence agencies known as SBU carried out searches at offices of the Intertelecom company. The company is the unique service provider of mobile communication in the country in the CDMA standard.

Charge in high treason which was brought by the SBU became the basis for a search. After Crimea joint to Russia Ukraine forbade activities of its companies in the territory of the Crimea. The Intertelecom operator created in Crimea a separate firm which received the status of the legal entity in Russia and began to perform the activities irrespective of the head company. However in the SBU consider that the new Russian firm continued to use technical platforms of Intertelecom in Odessa for data processing. According to intelligence agency it gave “the chance for unauthorized intervention in work of telecommunication networks of the Ukrainian telecom operators”.

According to the statement of the press service of Intertelecom searches passed in offices with procedural violations: SBU didn’t allow lawyers of the company to be at the place of a search, illegally prohibited to representatives of the company to film investigative actions on video, the search was carried out in the presence of witnesses prepared by intelligence agencies in advance.

On the consequences the search looked like thuggish attack, not like investigative actions. SBU withdrew a considerable cash amount of money at offices of the company, without explaining what relation they have to case. Also the capital equipment ensuring functioning of networks of Intertelecom was withdrawn. Intertelecom emphasizes that implementation of investigative actions was possible without shutdown of the telecommunication equipment, it on the place was confirmed also by technical specialists from SBU. Despite it, the staff of the SBU “purposely broke integrity and operability of network”. According to the statement of the company “more than one million users of the 3G-Internet across all Ukraine were left without communication”, and there was a threat of shutdown of a voice communication. The management of Intertelecom considers that the SBU consciously broke work of the company.

In the evening on November 12th Intertelecom recovered provision of services by means of the old equipment therefore communication services work with interruptions.

The Ukrainian journalists note that one of two co-owners of Intertelecom is Victor Gushan. He is also the largest businessman in the Transnistian Moldavian republic. Transnistria – east part of Moldova which separated from it during armed conflict in 1992. The group of the Russian troops deployed there acts as the guarantor of preserving Transnistria. Perhaps, this circumstance clears up the reasons of a thuggish raid on office of the company. After the coup of 2014 Kiev regime repeatedly took hostile actions against Transnistria. Just on the eve of a search the defense agency of Ukraine declared that it develops together with Chisinau the plan for a withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria. Perhaps, searches in Intertelecom are a component of the plan for pressure upon this unrecognized state. The problems of one million subscribers is not a high price in the eyes of Ukrainian extreme right regime if it compares it with opportunity to make any trouble for Russia and its allies.

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