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Greeks Behind in Bills, Unable to Payoff Debt and Not Hopeful About the Future, Report Reveals

According to the European Consumer Payment Report 2016 which was conducted by the Swedish company Intrum Justitia, three in four Greeks are not able to pay their household bills on time and a whopping 68 percent are not able to pay off their debts.

Furthermore, the report revealed that one in three Greeks want to leave Greece to pursue a better life for themselves and their families, mainly focusing on relocating to Germany and the UK.

There were some 21,317 people throughout 21 EU countries questioned for the survey aiming to show which citizens are able to stay current with their debt and payments. Greece performed poorly in relatively all categories in the survey.

Compared to the rest of the EU countries, over 50 percent of Greeks said that they can no longer afford a “dignified existence” where the average amount of other EU citizens who feel the same stands at only 29 percent.

The data also revealed that compared to 30 percent of Europeans feeling that their personal financial situation in improving, a mere 9 percent of Greeks are hopeful for their future.


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