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A man in Odessa burned fascist’s car

Some days before unidentified man has burned a car Mitsubishi Pajero belonged to Yevgeny Rezvushkin, well known in Odessa as a fascist activist. Rezvushkin is shamefully famous for his attacks against trade union activists, opposition minded old women and Kulikovo field activists who are the only public center of permanent political protest in Ukraine.

Today police arrested 29-years old man suspected of burning the car. He is from Donetsk republic proclaimed in Eastern Ukraine. Police officials don’t mention the name of suspect, but inform he recognized his crime and told interesting details. By his words the man burned the car for political protest. He is deeply dissatisfied with political situation in Ukraine and tired of regime and its policy. He was motivated for the crime after having seen state Ukrainian flag under a car windshield and encryption “Glory to Ukraine” (a part of Ukrainian fascist slogan).

He didn’t know whose the car is. It is symbolic that he has chosen the car of fascist extremist. But police is going to charge him of destruction of property by a socially dangerous method and sentence to ten years of imprisonment. A form of political protest like this can’t be celebrated but it brightly demonstrates desperate situation of Ukrainians who hate fascist regime but can do nothing to get rid of it.

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