Daily Archives: November 28, 2016

USA | Washington Post pushes campaign to censor alternative media


No one outside of a few obsessed cranks would’ve noticed it if the Washington Post hadn’t given it front page prominence last week: a formerly obscure web site, propornot.com, which purports to identify a “Russian active measures” campaign with some very specific goals in mind As Post “reporter” Craig Timberg put it:

Ukraine | Political repression in Ukraine: Kharkov region

Repressions against opponents of the coup d’état, which was carried out in Kiev in 2014, continue in Kharkov. Kharkov is the second city for number in Ukraine. Ideas of neoliberalism and fascism didn’t find there support, therefore Kharkov citizens organized active resistance to the new regime. Kharkov is located near the Ukrainian-Russian border therefore many Kharkov citizens expected the Russian help and lifted the Russian flags. Now they are judged for separatism and terrorism.

Central African Republic: UN envoy calls for protecting civilians as scores killed in ethnic violence

Condemning the recent outbreak of ethnic violence in the Central African Republic (CAR) that has killed scores of people, the United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide has called for an immediate end to the hostilities and urged the authorities to take urgent measures to protect the population from further violence, regardless of their ethnicity or political affiliation.