Daily Archives: November 12, 2016

Ukraine | A man in Odessa burned fascist’s car

Some days before unidentified man has burned a car Mitsubishi Pajero belonged to Yevgeny Rezvushkin, well known in Odessa as a fascist activist. Rezvushkin is shamefully famous for his attacks against trade union activists, opposition minded old women and Kulikovo field activists who are the only public center of permanent political protest in Ukraine.

USA | Portland Anti-Trump Protest Declared a ‘Riot’ on Third Night of Unrest

mBy Nico Lang

Twenty-six people were arrested in Portland after local police declared a “riot” following three consecutive nights of protests in the Oregon city.

Thursday night’s demonstration, which was organized by a coalition of groups calling themselves “Portland’s Resistance,” began as a peaceful gathering. Thousands of protesters took the streets, chanting “Not my president!” and blocking through-traffic. The scene became violent, however, when groups not affiliated with the protest began joining in, vandalizing property and starting fires, as Oregon Public Broadcasting reports.

Ukraine | Ukraine stunned as vast cash reserves of political elite are made public

New wealth declaration system shows officials owning Fabergé eggs, weapons collections and huge stashes of currency