Daily Archives: November 10, 2016

Ukraine | Saakashvili dismissed from Odessa region governor

Mikhael Saakashvili former Georgian president responsible for war in Caucasus region failed to build his political career in Ukraine. Today Ukrainian president Poroshenko dismissed him. Saakashivi was appointed to Odessa region governor one and a half year before. That unexpected decision shocked a lot of people both in Odessa and out of Ukraine.

Montenegro PM Accuses Opposition Over ‘Plot to Kill Him’

by Dusica Tomovic

Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic told Pink M television on Wednesday that the main opposition pro-Russian Democratic Front was “part of the plot” to seize parliament and murder him after last month’s elections,

“I see their activity as participation in the preparation of my murder and to take away the independence of Montenegro. With that we will have to live, both them and I,” Djukanovic told Montenegrin branch of Serbia’s Pink TV, which is considered closed to the ruling parties in both Serbia in Montenegro.

USA | Defense Stocks Soar on News of Trump Victory

In early trading, the new commander in chief’s promises to rebuild the American military are helping defense stocks buck the wider market plunge.

Greece | Attackers throw explosive at French embassy in Athens: police

Attackers on a motorcycle threw an explosive device, possibly a hand grenade, at the French embassy in central Athens early on Thursday, wounding a security guard, police said.

No one claimed responsibility for the attack on the building opposite parliament, in one of Athens’s best-guarded areas. The attack occurred less than a week before U.S. President Barack Obama visits Greece on Nov. 15-16.