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Ukrainian army subjected rebels controlled territory to massive shellings

Last night the Ukrainian army subjected one of the residential areas of Makeyevka to massive shelling. Makeyevka is a city on the territory of Donetsk People’s Republic. Along with heavy weaponry the Ukrainian fighters used also IFV arms, grenade launchers and small arms. According to all available data from the DPR command, two civilians perished as a result of the bombardment, seven more got wounded, including two children. Chief physician of Interior Ministry hospital Andrei Zhurbin was killed on Gazetny alley, 7, his 6-year old child was wounded (according to other sources, also killed), his wife is in a state of shock. Another civilian was killed as a result of a hit on Stroitelei street, 10. Seven multifamily houses damaged. Some of them got direct hits. Gas supply in the district is disrupted, electric service lines are damaged.

Ukrainian army regularly violates ceasefire despite of Minsk agreement, which proclaimed ceasefire in Donbas in February 2015. Minsk agreement proposed a plan for de-escalation and achievement peace in Eastern Ukraine areas. But Ukrainian president Poroshenko openly declares that his government will not realize this plan. In the same time leaders of Germany, France and Russia put upon Poroshenko pressure that he fulfilled the agreement. But these efforts remain fruitless.

Updated: according to finally collected data three civilians were killed and ten wondered including two children. Six buildings damaged. They are mostly multifamily houses, but there is also one kinder garden.

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