Socialist wins in Moldovan presidential election

Igor Dodon, presidential candidate, leader of the Party of Socialists was very close to victory in recent voting in Moldova hold on Sunday. According to preliminary results he has got support of 48,25 % of voters. His main opponent Maia Sandu backed by alliance of pro-Western oligarchs was supported only by 38,42 % of voters. Contrary to pro-Western forces Dodon stays for close connections to Russia.

The second round of presidential elections will be held two weeks later, on November 13. Moldovan political analyzers concede Dodon’s victory as an inevitable result.

political analyst Corneliu Ciurea said that the supporters of Dumitru Chubashenko and, possibly, the Communist sympathizers could vote for Igor Dodon. This could also attract a part of the votes of the Democrats if the Democratic Party is at odds with Maia Sandu. “So, he has some resources,” stated the analyst. According to him, given the score obtained in the first round of voting, Igor Dodon is practically a winner. “I don’t realize what factor can intervene to change the ratio of forces. Only a miracle can help Maia Sandu become Head of State.”

As for Dodon he occupied now how to make his future victory more convincing. «I firmly believe that Maia Sandu loses in the second round. I think that they understand it. Getting ready? You are welcome. If we have the support of some partners from the left political flank, we will win with 60% against 40%. If there is no support, we still win with 52-53%. This will be the result of the second round», — concluded the Presidential candidate.
In order to win definitely he called on the left flank to put aside their differences and consolidate in the face of threats: «Dear colleagues, friends, citizens! We are the majority in the Republic of Moldova. Why the right can unite, and we the left, cannot? Why the left, pro-state parties are not united even today? First of all, I appeal to Usatyi, to Chubashenko, to Voronin. You see what they do on the right wing? Let’s put aside personal ambitions and be above of what had been before, «- appealed Dodon.

In addition, the politician called on supporters of the Party of Socialist to refrain from fights in the social networks: «We do not need this. The struggle between the left today will strengthen the right wing. If we fight with each other, who will win? Plahotniuc and Americans. And they are trying to do it now”, — the leader of the Socialists said.

«We all want early elections, we want to remove Plahotniuc from the power, and we want good relations with the Russian Federation. We are in favor of the statehood of Moldova, our history and language; we are in favor of neutrality. We stand for our Christian Orthodoxy. Let us join efforts in the face of threats. What happened in the first round was in the first round. Each party had a candidate, I understand. But we must work together in the threat of loss of statehood, and this is not a rant. Now the question is: «To be or not to be?» Let your leaders make the decision and announce it. But we, the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, who are thinking about the future of this country, the future of our children, are required to consolidate and win. Let’s make this victory a stunning one, «- Dodon concluded.


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