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Situation in Donbas has been aggravating

After a short period of de-escalation in Donbas region, Eastern Ukraine, numerous ceasefire violations has started again. As Donetsk news agencies reported on October 12, Ukrainian side does not stop shelling in the southern direction. The shelling protracts restoration of power supply in five villages of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the mayor of Novoazovsk region Anatoliy Yaanovskiy informed. ‘Villages as Sergeevka, Leninskoe, Dzerzhinskoe, Zaichenko, Kominternovo are with no power now. Utility services cannot start restoration work because Kiev troops restart shelling all the time since last Saturday’, it was pointed out.
Local fighting in this region was provoked by Ukrainian attempt to break through DPR positions close to Kominternovo and Leninskoe. But Ukrainian military units failed and as a result lost 15 mercenaries and 25 were wounded. From the opposite side two soldiers of the DPR killed, five more got wounded.
It was not only militaries, who suffered. Eight houses got different damages in the village Trudovskie in the west of Donetsk. It was pointed out that 333 cases of shelling with the use of forbidden by the Minsk armament were fixed. Earlier it was reported that Kiev troops targeted last night Zaytsevo, as a result of this several houses damaged.
On October 13 the DPR Head Aleksandr Zakharchenko has stated the serious aggravation of the situation on the line of demarcation of the parties in Donbass, including in the area of Debaltsevo.
‘The situation is escalating not only in the area of Novoazovsk. The situation has aggravated in the area of Debaltsevo; the situation in the areas of Pesky and near Dokuchayevsk remains tense as well. There is nothing about disengagement of forces and facilities in other areas,’ pointed out Aleksandr Zakharchenko.

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