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SBU arrested Brazilian volunteer Rafael Lusvarghi

The Brazilian citizen Rafael Lusvarghi who was a fighter in the Donbass militias has been arrested in the International airport of Boryspil (Kiev). Reportedly, he was arrested after Great Britain (some sources mention British Airways) made his plane bound for Moscow land in Kiev. According to the words of SBU workers he fought at the side of the Donetsk People’s Republic. It has been reported by the Prosecutor’s office of Kiev on October 6. According to the department, the Brazilian was arrested at abut 9 am. They revealed that he was since September 2014 in the battalion Viking of the DPR. He took part in defence operations in Vergulyovka, Pervomayskoe, Gorlovka, Starobeshevo, Debaltsevo and Donetsk airport. The SBU already posted a video with his arrest during which he was treated like a terrorist, which might also the official charge.
The next day Donetsk news agency confirmed the fact of arrest and gave some new details. During a body search the operatives seized the DPR military ID with Strelkov`s signature, passport of a foreign country and laptop with a correspondence at once called to be “terrorist”.
Immediately after detention the SBU workers managed to come up with and to extend such skills and professions to him as military skier, climber, explosive expert, radio operator, expert on hostage-taking. The criminal proceedings were initiated against Latin America citizen with a wording “formation of a terrorist organization”.
Donetsk news agency denies SBU version that arrested man is a “foreign mercenary” and describes Rafael Lusvarghi as a warrior-internationalist who had been standing for the freedom of the LPR and DPR.
Alongside this the Ukrainian authorities continue denying the existence of international mercenaries from Turkey, Sweden and the US within AFU and squads of volunteer-punitive.


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