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Russian investigative committee launchs criminal proceedings against «Right sector»

The department for investigating crimes of Investigative committee of Russia  in cooperation with the Federal Security Service and the Interior Ministry has obtained evidence against leaders and activists of Right Sector, Ukrainian extremist organization. They concider «Right sector» uses prohibited ways and methods of warfare.

Based on that evidence criminal proceedings were initiated against leaders of Right Sector Dmitry Yarosh and Andrei Tarasenko, heads of the organization Andrei Stempitsky, Valery Voronov, Artyom Skoropadsky and other persons suspected of activity of an extremist organization.

It is known that «Right Sector» was formed by Dmitry Yarosh in 2013 and follows the views of the radical Ukrainian nationalism, pronounced Russophobia and fascism, with the goal “to fight back Moscow’s aggression”, in fact a justification of violence on political, racial, national and religious grounds.

«Right Sector» includes leaders and activists of a number of other Ukrainian ultra-radical organizations and movements (Stepan Bandera Trizub, Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian people’s Defense (UNA-UNSO), Brotherhood, Social National Assembly (SNA), White Hammer, Group S14, Carpathian Sich, Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), Ultras, unions of football fans).

Since 2014 and up to this day, the leaders and members of «Right Sector» have planned and committed crimes aimed against the Russian Federation, its citizens and its diplomatic institutions located in Ukraine, as well as against Russian-speaking civilians.

Russian citizen Artyom Skoropadsky also takes active part in the activity of «Right Sector», being the head of its press service and appearing regularly in the mass media, online and at different public events promoting criminal ideology of «Right Sector», calls for people sharing their views to join the organization and extremist crimes.

As of now more than 5,000 people are known to be members of «Right Sector» with citizens of Ukraine, Russia and other countries among them. The organization has branches in each region of Ukraine, they are called headquarters and coordinate the activity of its members locally. In addition, the leaders have formed separate cells in Europe and North America.

Yarosh, Tarasenko, Sempitsky, Voronov, Skoropadsky and other leaders of «Right Sector’s» units continue committing crimes in Ukraine with tacit consent and approval of the Ukrainian leadership.


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