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Odessa residents demand punishment for ukrainian nationalist who crippled the 79-year old woman at the trade-unions building

The Odessa representative of the Office of the United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine (HRMMU) took on control a recent incident during the commemorative meeting on Kulikovo Field in case of which the elderly woman suffered.

As activists of the movement Kulikovo Field reported on October 9, a group of Ukrainian nationalists from “Right sector” attacked this opposition action. Criminal and fascist Sergiy Sternenko is especially active in the attacks.

“It was already repeatedly reported in media about numerous attacks on peaceful meetings which are held weekly by inhabitants of Odessa in memory of the dead on May 2, 2014”. The day of October 9 was not exclusion, Kulikovo Field activists declared. But they noted that many pro-power media hurried to assure citizens about lack of any damages at participants of a peaceful memorable meeting, however it isn’t true.

The 79-year-old inhabitant of Odessa V. I. Yatsenko protected a flag of Odessa from the spontaneous attack of the aggressive-minded “patriots”, who, for the unclear reason, decided to take it with a force. In the course of fierce fight for the flag V. I. Yatsenko was pushed away and fell down. “She felt an acute pain in a hand and was forced to address to emergency station. X-ray showed the closed brush change with shift. Difficult treatment is necessary to the woman” — activists of Kulikovo Field report.

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