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New study surveys Americans’ opinion on socialism

On October 24 «The O’Reilly Factor» at “Fox News” published shocking data about political views of American young generations.

O’Reilly informs: “A group called victims of communism memorial foundation has released a report on American attitudes towards socialism and communism. Study found that 32 percent of Millennials, a third of them, believe more people were killed under George W. Bush than the Russian tyrant Joseph Stalin. Is that amazing?

Also, only 42 percent of the Millennials, Americans born in the 1980s have a favorable view of capitalism. Forty six percent, they would vote for a socialist like Bernie Sanders.”

O’Reilly interviewed Marion Smith, executive director, Victims of communism memorial foundation whose research collected that data.

Mr. Smith in his interview says: Well, we have a sort of withering critique of the American free enterprise system and of our own U.S. history. And at the same time Millennials and, I don’t want to be too hard on them, I am one, are finding sort of a difficult job environment as they graduate from college and enter the workforce. Our poll also found that there were more people my age, the millennial generation who thought our economic system worked against them rather than for them.

And some 46 percent would vote for a socialist. One generation younger than us, those who are in high school now, half of them would vote for a socialist. And one in five would vote for a communist.

I mean, what you see is a willingness to almost blow up our own system rather than try to perfect it and refine it in favor of something that we don’t understand which is socialist systems. The ideas of Marxism.” In Smith’s opinion ‘it is a dangerous thing’.


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