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Czech President Proposes Greece to Send Migrants to Uninhabited Islands

Czech President Milos Zeman proposed that refugees and migrants who end up trapped in Greece be sent to uninhabited islands, in exchange for a gradual reduction of the state debt.

The Czech Republic leader was on Rhodes on October 4 and spoke at a forum. He proposed that the hundreds of thousands of economic migrants who arrived in Europe since the beginning of 2015 be sent back to their respective countries and that the culture of Muslim migrants is fundamentally incompatible with European society.

Zeman suggested refugees resettle in “empty spaces” in North Africa or in “uninhabited Greek islands.” And since Greece would bear the brunt of migrant inflows, the country’s debt should be gradually reduced.

Furthermore, the Czech president warned that there is a strong link between refugee flows and jihadist waves arriving in Europe, arguing that moderate Muslims can be radicalized by extremists who are among them, as the German Nazis in the 1930s.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Zeman stressed that the only solution to the refugee crisis is the expulsion of those who do not come from conflict areas.

“We are in Greece, and Greece has many uninhabited islands and a large debt. So, if there are more hotspots on Greek islands, this could be a kind of repayment of foreign debt,” Zeman said.

“Clearly I respect the brutality of war in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere. But we are not talking about these people, but about economic migrants,” he added.

According to Zeman, less than 1/3 of the approximately one million people who arrived in Europe last year were refugees. Meanwhile, he accused Angela Merkel for making the ultimate mistake with her “welcome” policy of refugees, as Europe cannot absorb them.

“I am not against migrants from Ukraine, Vietnam, Russia, Belarus, Serbia in my country. I am only against Islamic migration, it is an incompatible culture,” Zeman said.


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