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Communist Aleksandrovskaya is released from custody under house arrest

Active fight of the Communist Party of Ukraine for release of the first secretary of its Kharkov regional committee Alla Aleksandrovskaya, arrested more than three months ago on fabricated accusations, was crowned with success. On October 13, 2016, the Appellate court of the Kharkov region took arguments of the lawyers and made the decision to release Alla Aleksandrovskaya from custody.
It became possible thanks to skilled work of lawyers and active support from the foreign left-wing parties and the public opinion.
Alla Aleksandrovskaya, having left the Kharkov pre-trial detention center, declared to journalists that she is ready to prove her own innocence and criminal nature of the operating Ukrainian power.
Let’s remind, on June 28 the staff of the Kharkov and Kiev managements of the SBU, Ukrainian secret police, carried out a search at the People’s Deputy of Ukraine of four convocations, the honorary citizen of Kharkov and the head of the Kharkov regional committee of the KPU Alla Aleksandrovskaya and detained her according to Art. 110 «Infringement of territorial integrity». Already on June 30 the Kiev district court arrested Alla Aleksandrovskaya for two months without the bail right.
On October 13th the Appellate court of the Kharkov region changed a measure of restraint for Alla Aleksandrovskaya to the round-the-clock house arrest with carrying an electronic bracelet.

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